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  1. Troubleshooter's Forum
    P0172 bank 1 running rich. Injectors, coils, fuel pump, IAC valve, TPS, coolant temp sensor, all 4 02 sensors, cats etc. all replaced. Has high fuel pressure; (spec is 49 +/-2) at 60 PSI and needle bounces around. Replaced fuel pump twice thinking the regulator was failed. Tried to buy the OEM...
  2. Gen I Durangos
    Hey new Dakota owner here. I'm hoping someone can help me out. It's the 5.2 magnum Dakota 4x4 sport. When I got it it had a bad fuel injector on 4 and 6. I replaced and it still did it. Replaced pcm and crank sensor. New plugs wire cap rotor and it still mis fires at idle with a pop through...
  3. Troubleshooter's Forum
    Fully rebuilt engine with ~400 miles so far, have P0172 bank 2 running rich code and P0300 random misfire. Truck runs a little rough and noticeable power loss. If batteries disconnected and reconnected, codes clear and truck runs GOOD. After some driving codes come back and it runs rich again...
1-3 of 3 Results