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  1. 5.2L/5.9L/6.7L Engines
    When engine/transmission are cold, in drive and stopped sometimes the truck decides to engage first and try to move forward when I'm not pressing on the gas. No the pedal is not sticking. If I stand on the brakes to make sure it doesn't move it stalls out. If I'm light on the brakes rpms drop...
  2. 2.5L/3.7L/3.9L Engines
    I have a 2004 Dakota 3.7. Motor recently began knocking and I’m looking into replacing it. I have a few questions about what motors would be easiest to put in my truck. Obviously a 2004 Dakota V6 but I can’t manage to find one around where I live. I have seen multiple 2005-Up Dakotas, and a few...
  3. Gen I Durangos
    Hi! I've seen quite a few posts on swapping engines for similar displacement models. I'm thinking to do a full restoration on my Durango. I'm wondering what size engines I can look into swapping out that would fit. A hellcat would be sick but a little too pricey and I couldn't imagine that...
  4. General Parts Inquiries
    I removed my 3rd row bench seats in my 1st gen durango but the floor kinda just drops down where the seat used to be. Does anyone have pictures/know where to find the storage compartment that went in that hole on models without the 3rd row?
  5. Suspensions - Lifted & Lowered
    Hey all, So I just lifted my 02 Durango using the factory torsion keys and universal leaf spring drop brackets, the front tires on it are sitting cambered out. I need to know if there is some special upper control arms I need to get to be able to get rid of the camber? Can anyone help? Never...
  6. Gen I Durangos
    Hi all, I need a new passenger side spindle - I've read that they are the same ones as '99 Dakotas. Is this true? Can anyone confirm what other model year Dakota spindles are interchangeable with the '99 Durangos? Thank you
  7. General Automotive Discussion
    What are the dimensions of the stock grill? Anyone have any tips on what material to use? How to add lettering?
  8. New Member Introductions
    I bought these crap o2 sensors from Amazon n they kept throwing codes. I just bought o2s from the factory n I have the wrong item number. I have a 2004 Dodge Durango 4.7 SLT. My bank1-sensor1, bank2-sensor1, and bank2-sensor2 part number is 56028998AA. For my bank1-sensor2 the part number is...
  9. Gen I Durangos
    Hello all, New to the forums here and excited to hear some advice on an ongoing project. I recently acquired a 2000 Durango SLT with the 5.9L for a very low price as it had some pretty significant body damage, bumpers misaligned, transmission cooling system leaked everywhere, and the 4WD would...
  10. General Automotive Discussion
    I will appreciate any help with this, I was driving and suddenly the horn starts to blast. This happened without me pressing the horn pad switch in the steering wheel, I had to stop and remove the horn relay. The relay is good, I tried other relays, and the situation is the same. I read that...
1-10 of 10 Results