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  1. General Automotive Discussion
    So I just bought a 1998 dodge dakota slt with a 318 last week. I've noticed some electrical problems. The most concerning is that none of the gauges work. I ordered a new cluster for 80 bucks and slapped it in. The gates still don't work. No tack, speedo, odometer, gas gauge, voltage, oil...
  2. Suspensions - Lifted & Lowered
    Recently got this this truck off the auction but the front end sits very low there is only 1 inch between the tire and fender. The rear end sits high and normal. It has new lower control arms and the torsion bars has been cranked all the way up. Please any dodge techs that specialize in 01...
  3. Dakota Forum: Quad Cabs
    Hi i have a 2007 dakota 4WD QUADCAB 6cyl and i need to replace rack and pinion but i don't know if i have hydraulic power steering please help
  4. Racing Forum
    Hey everyone my 97 dakota transmission went out it's a 5speed 4x4 nv3500. Just curious it has the v8 318 will a dodge ram trans fit I heard they were a inch longer. And is there a better 5speed trans I should look for or just put the same one back.
  5. Troubleshooter's Forum
    Need to know if it’ll match up. If not I’ll pull the trans too but I’m trying to avoid rewiring my entire truck. Prefer to use 4.7 computer but can’t if I need the trans too. Any advice or links? 2005 dodge Dakota 4.7l magnum Vin N 545RFE/5speedauto 2008 Chrysler 300c 5.7l hemi VIN H 5speedauto...
  6. Dakota Forum: Club Cabs
    I have a 02 4x4 Dakota and was going to fab my own long travel arms. But want to see if anyone makes kits for them. Anymor, I have found some old threads talking about it but nothing in the last 10 years. If you have any information abouts long travel kits for a Dakota it will be greatly...