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  1. Transmissions
    I have a 1998 Dakota 4x4 that originally came with the 318ci 5.2L Magnum and 44RE transmission. I had a local shop swap in a rebuilt 360ci 5.9L Magnum and it ran tough, when I floored it the tires would light until I let off. Months pass and I start having issues with the transmission not...
  2. Gen III Dakotas
    I have a 2000 dodge dakota R/t 5.9. Almost a year ago it started revving high from 1st gear into second as well as the other gears up into overdrive. Only way it will shift is if I get off of the gas then it'll shift immediately. I've replaced both solenoids inside the trans pan, replaced...
  3. General Parts Inquiries
    Ok, so I have a 2002 durango slt 4.7l and the power stud snapped off on my starter. Can I get a new one and do a rebuild? Also wondering if the starter from a 98 durango 5.9l would fit on my 2002 4.7. I’ve looked online and I’ve seen two different starters one has a power and ground stud and one...
1-3 of 3 Results