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  1. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I really wanted 35”s. The closest I could get was 295/70R17 (basically metric version of 34”s from what I am told) based on the advice of my local mechanics, SoCal Suspension & Off Road Warehouse. Well, they rub something viscious. ORW did 4 runs of cutting (I kept coming back saying “cut more...
  2. Suspensions - Lifted & Lowered
    Hey all, So I just lifted my 02 Durango using the factory torsion keys and universal leaf spring drop brackets, the front tires on it are sitting cambered out. I need to know if there is some special upper control arms I need to get to be able to get rid of the camber? Can anyone help? Never...
  3. Suspensions - Lifted & Lowered
    Recently got this this truck off the auction but the front end sits very low there is only 1 inch between the tire and fender. The rear end sits high and normal. It has new lower control arms and the torsion bars has been cranked all the way up. Please any dodge techs that specialize in 01...
  4. Off-Roading Equipment
    I have 01 durango with the 4.7 it shifts fine going into 4 high and back to 2 high but will not go into 4 low the light just flashes. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Gen III Dakotas
    99 Dakota 5.2 auto transfer case blew out its the 231d hd what other transfers will swap I bought a used one out of a ram it’s a 231d but the input shaft for the transmission is to long and will not slide in all the way any advice
1-5 of 5 Results