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Purchased new in 2004. 327,000 Miles as of 1/01/2017. On 4th set of tires (stock were Good Year; current Michelin XTS's); on 3rd set of shocks, only changed break pads and rotors once in October of 2015. Changed all wheel bearings and front-end bushings in 2011. New heater-core in 2014. New, complete AC system in 2015. Change plugs and wires, needed or not, plus drain and replace transmission fluid every 100,000 miles. Changed the battery once in November 2014, only because I broke one of the terminals off trying to remove the terminal clamp. The only weak links in the system are in the cooling system, most particularly with the fan clutch, which I've had to replace every 1.5 years; plus, so I've changed the radiator twice (mostly due to me not having it serviced every two years as I should have). Unfortunately, because of severe overheating due to malfunctioning fan-clutches, I believe I've warped the heads a bit and, since late 2014, she's started to burn oil; so much so that I am to the point of replacing 1 quart every 1.5 months. Which is still not bad for her age, but, I know the end is near.
2004 Dodge Dakota (BLUE)


4.7 Ltr Engine, stock.
A few scratches on the interior doors. Carpets are good, though, a bit of wear under the rear seat, driver side. Headliner just decided this past year that it can no longer hang; so, it is dropping a bit more every day and needs to be replaced. I believe the driver seat may have some structural issues and is starting to loose foam, though it is still supportive and the cover is in fantastic shape. Everything is relatively clean and in great shape. I did replace OEM tuner and speakers with a new Pioneer high-end stereo and Polk Audio speakers, and mounted an undersea subwoofer beneath the rear, driver side seat. Other than that, no modifications have been made.
Some faded paint on the wheel well fairings, a few dents and scratches; but, 90% still in great shape. Front plastic bumper has a gouge on the passenger side from hitting highway debris and rear bumper shows pretty good wear because I suck at backing up! It has earned its keep! Replaced one driver side mirror, twice, last time with a good quality one (don't buy cheap crap.... It's not worth it!).
Pioneer DEH
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