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My dad bought me this truck back last november i did not even have my licsense but i started working on it. it was paid 950 ran fine needed some bodywork and engine tune up and a good interior cleaning. and so i started cleaning the inside up reall good. then went into the engine compartment did a full tunrw up on the electrical new plugs(e3), wires(ngk), distributer cap/rotor(champion) and new battery and did some more work to make it run good then ,arch break rolled around and it was time for me to start the body work alot of people doubted me bc i was 16 but im really good with fixing engines and body work wise so i start cuttung out the old rusted wheel arch parts welding in new metal filling it blocking then moving to little dents the front left and right front quater panels had clear peeling on it so sanded it out and fixed all the other imperfections like clear cracking on the hood after all that was done it turned out for me to be my first full car paint job so i primed the whole truck and resprayed it stock black. a lot of people were surprised and amazed of my ability to do that and know what i was doing. i sprayed the whole truck in my driveway and then a week later started wet sanding and buffing. finished all that and started doing some engine dress up things i still have a set of fender flares i need to paint and put on and need a roll pan truck is not done but slowly getting parts for it
2000 Dodge Dakota (Black)


stock 3.9l with aftermarket intake and dressed up, no a/c all taken out from a/c evaporator all the way to compressor. still need a set of headers and electric fan maybe cam swap
body work rust repair repainted it, tinted tail lights
aftermarket mp3/dvd deck



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