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  • Jared Johnson ·
    I figured out there was not enough power to engage the solenoids. used a jumper wire to trans relay. it shifts gears but still no speedo or odometer. bad PCM?
    Jared Johnson ·
    hey. I had the truck checked out. guy hooked it up to a computer for free. so he said it was the 3-4 solenoid. if it really is electrical. how would I check to see if its working or not? I know nothing about checking voltages. Thanks
    Primus ·
    I really don't know if you can use the MDS HEMI's in a non-MDS HEMI vehicle. Chrysler's cylinder deactivation system(MDS) uses oil pressure to pump up the lifters that deactivate the cylinders when there is a load on engine. Whenever there is light load on the engine, the computer activates a solenoid that turns off the oil flow to the lifters and the MDS lifters have a spring in them that allows the valves to the deactivated cylinder to stay closed. That is why I do not feel that using a MDS HEMI in a non-MDS HEMI is worthwhile. I would suggest you do a little more shopping, both locally and online to see who has non-MDS HEMI's for a decent price. $2500 is too high if it is a junkyard or private seller. That price is decent if it is a remanufactured engine with at least a one year warranty.
    lmarcucci7 ·
    Hi good sir and fellow dodger,

    You seem to be answering all the MDS to Non-MDS questions. So, I'm going to skip the waiting and just ask you directly. I've got a 2004 durango with a blown hemi motor. There's a guy down the street that has a 2007 Ram 1500 MDS motor. He's selling it for $950 and all the other non-MDS hemis are going for over 2500. So, can I swap the motor into my durango by just swapping intake manis and all other remaining senors? Are there any goofy vacuum lines that will be different? And, is it really necessary to swap the heads, too? or can I leave the MDS cams, lifters, etc on there?

    Thanks in advance. I appreciate it immensely.
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