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  • ometcalf ·
    Here is just a little part of your thread to trigger a memory!

    I so need the help because I am getting jacked around about that its just the light switch.

    HELP!!! So I go to drive to work last night and the truck starts fine, the radio turned on etc... but the headlights and fog lights didn't turn on, the interior dome light didn't turn on, the instrument cluster didn't glow for night driving (although the gaudges and the P/N/D/1/2 display work), the power door locks no longer work (from the switch in the driver/passenger door panel or from turning the key in the door lock twice), glove box light doesn't come on. The turn signals work fine, power windows work fine, over head console display (where it shows what direction your driving) works fine, the windshield wipers work fine etc. I haven't gone through all the different electrical features of the truck though... In addition to all that, the SERVICE 4WD light came on in the instrument cluster. Never had that happen before.
    ometcalf ·
    Hello. I see you posted a number of years back about having problems with your vehicle. I have a 2001 Dodge Durango. My headlights will not turn on, door lock won't work, service 4wd light on and all at the same time. And when I typed this in your thread came up on here and I just wanted to know what was the problem in the end and what did you have to do to get it fixed for not it to re-occur?
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