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  • fcastro ·
    Hi hskrRT, Saw a picture in your avatar of an awesome air intake hood on your dakota, where did you pick this hood up? Are the air intakes functional?

    hsahai ·
    Hello hskrRT

    I am new member here. I notice that you are one of the most knowledgeable and experience member on this forum. Couple of months back I bought Durango slt 2000 model, last week I hit deer so now I am in the process of fixing the front end. But my pwered driver seat was not sliding forward or backward with button. I can hear the seat motor clicking but stuck even before the accident. I am searching for good write up for Driver seat removal with pictures but could't find it. Can you provide me link for this repair and or tips/pictures. Can you help me

    Sahai From Gainesville VA
    Frosty ·
    i saw kskr in your name and had to click so if you dont mind answering these thatd be great :D what part of nebraska are you in and whats a navy guy doing in the middle of a continent o_o
    Shimrra ·
    didn't you just post a thread about it that got instant deleted? something about a 5 mile straight and base security wanted to see how fast it was?
    Shimrra ·
    why does your truck only do 126? is it limited? my 3.9 hit 110 before i lifted, and that was because the front end lifted from having the aero of a small shed!
    Northern Cuda ·
    Hey how good do your ebay projects fit? Are they hard to install? Thinking about picking them up since they are about 300 bucks cheaper then the custom made projecters from the carbon fiber vendor.
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