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  • HemiSwapHelp ·
    Hi Ken, I definitely own this truck now. I spent about $3,500 on it with a new paint job. I am quite happy, but near the beginning of owning it, the coil packs melted. When my mechanic tried to trace the cause, he was overwhelmed by the wiring, without a wiring diagram. Can you help us please? Israel H in Prescott. 928.379.2384
    2004 Dakota ·
    Hello Ken,

    I am new to the forum, but have been following the many threads for a few years.

    I have read and reready your post on your build for your daughter's truck ;).

    I am in need of a set of mounts for my 2004 AWD Auto to install a 2005 5.7 where the 4.7 used to be. I am also in need of one of your conjoined oil pans. Can you help me out and tell me what you need from me to make this happen.

    I have started a thread in the 5.7 Hemi area if you are curious.

    Thank you!!

    ndrt ·
    Ok, Ive got a question for you! Incredible thread you have on the hemi in the dakota by the way. I am (((((VERY))))interested in putting a 6.1 hemi in my 1999 dakota RT. I'm not worried about emissions test or inspections being as I'm in North Dakota and they dont seem to give a dang up here!! thank god. I was wondering if you knew if the 6.1 would go in the same way as the 5.7 and if so I am wondering if you have some of them motor mounts sitting around and the oil pan(if needed on the 2wd). Never got to finish reading your thread but i will after I get off work. Thanks a bunch and your seriously one hell of a wrench as it seems!
    Sanhoed ·
    Hello Ken, was wondering if you have a set of those motormounts available, Im not sure if you remember me, but I came to your business and home to check out the Durango you did. It was a friend of ours(chris)my brother in law(Fred) and myself(Eddie)couple years ago! Ready to drop my 5.7 into a DKota here in San Jose, Ca. 4x4 mounts works for me! Lemme know availability and cost on those mounts.
    Quadkota ·
    Got them thanks, I will be sending you the oil pans soon. I have the tube with the hemi but no tube for the 4.7. do you happen to have scrap from another tube you can use?
    Quadkota ·
    hey thanks for the friend add.. do you happen to have any motor mounts for the hemi swap and how much. Thanks,Todd.
    Quadkota ·
    Hey I love the thread. Im a new member and I just bought a 2000 4x4 wirth a blown 4.7 also. I would definitley be interested in purchasing the oil pan, motor mounts, and wiring if you were still interested in doing that. Thanks, Todd.
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