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New Member Introductions

A place for people who are new to the site to introduce themselves.
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General Automotive Discussion

Miscellaneous chatter about Dodge Trucks
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Featured Truck/Ride Of The Month

Nominate and Vote for who you think should be Trucks of the Month Dakota of the Month: Nov Dakota TOTM * Dec Dakota TOTM NominationsDurango of the Month: Nov Durango TOTM * Dec Durango TOTM Nominations
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Photos & Videos

Subforum Links: Photoshop Forum * Part-Specific Photos * The Build Up Forum Quick Links : Photo Gallery * Your Photo Albums * Photos FAQ
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Event Calendar

Racing, Car Shows, Get-Togethers
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Racing Forum

Strip Racing, Street Racing, Autocross Forum
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Automotive News RSS Feeds

A forum that displays automotive news bulletins in an automated fashion.
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Tool and Fabrication Talk

Show off your fabrication projects and talk Tools here.
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Towing and Hauling

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The Bad News Forum

Accidents, Thefts, Tickets, General Rants
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The Personals

Step out of your truck for a moment and talk about yourself.
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General Parts Forums

General Parts Inquiries

Can't find it in any other category?
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Air Intakes & Throttle Bodies

Parts Info Links : Air Intakes * Air Hats * Throttle Bodies
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Audio, Security & Multimedia

Speakers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Alarms, TV's, Game Consoles
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Computer Control

Parts Info Links : PCM Modules
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Dress-Up Items

Billet Products, Wire Looms, Other Cosmetic Enhancements
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Engine Modifications

Intake Manifolds, Heads, Camshafts, Roller Rockers & Other Engine Parts.
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Exterior Cosmetics

Parts Info Links : Body Kits * Hoods * Bumper Covers * Roll Pans * Spoilers
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Headers & Exhaust

Parts Info Links : Headers * Exhaust
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Interior Parts

Seats, Dash Parts, Gauges, other Interior Parts
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Parts Info Links : Clear Corners * Headlights * Headlight Covers * Tail Lights * Tail Light Covers
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Off-Roading Equipment

4x4 Gear, Winches, Nerf Bars, Off-Roading Chatter.
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Paint & Body

Painting, Custom Body Panels, Decals, etc.
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Power Adders

Parts Info Links : Superchargers * Turbochargers * Nitrous Oxide
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Suspensions - Lifted & Lowered

Drop Kits, Lift Kits, Shocks and More
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Tonneau Covers

Parts Info Links : Hard Tonneaus * Soft Tonneaus * Roll-Top Tonneaus
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Traction Control

Slicks, Traction Bars, Ladder Bars, VHT!
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Shift Kits, Transmissions, Torque Converters, Clutches
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Wheels, Tires & Brakes

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Optional Club Forums

Dakota Forum: Regular Cabs

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Dakota Forum: Club Cabs

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Dakota Forum: Quad Cabs

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Durango Forum

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Website Information Website Advertising Information

Site Suggestions & Feedback

Aftermarket Parts to Add, New Features, General Feedback
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Forum Features

How-To's for some of the forum's features
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Latest Dakota and Durango News

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Technical Forums

FAQ's, Tips & Tricks

Helpful technical information.
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Troubleshooter's Forum

A place to ask technical questions.
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Maintenance Forums

Keep your truck looking and running its best with this advice.
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Engine-Specific Forums

2.5L/3.7L/3.9L Engines

Questions regarding the I4 and V6 Engines
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5.2L/5.9L/6.7L Engines

Questions regarding the 5.2L/5.9L/6.7L V8 Engines
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4.7L/4.7L HO/4.7L Gen II Engines

Questions regarding the 4.7L V8 engine
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5.7L Hemi Engines

Does that thing got a HEMI?
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Model-Specific Forums

Gen I Dakotas

1986-1990 Dakota-Specific Questions
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Gen II Dakotas

1991-1996 Dakota-Specific Questions
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Gen III Dakotas

1997-2004 Dakota-Specific Questions
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Gen IV Dakotas

2005-2007 Dakota-Specific Questions
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Gen V Dakotas

2008+ Dakota-Specific Questions
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Gen I Durangos

1998-2003 Durango-Specific Questions
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Gen II Durangos

2004-2010 Dodge Durango-Specific Questions
2K 1.2M
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Gen III Durangos

2011+ Dodge Durango-Specific Questions
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Other Chrysler Vehicles

Dodge Ram, Mitsubishi Raider, Chrysler Aspen, etc.
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Regional Forums

Region 1 (Northeast)

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Region 2 (Southeast)

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Region 3 (North Central)

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Region 4 (South Central)

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Region 5 (Midwest)

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Region 6 (Northwest)

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Region 7 (Southwest)

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Region 8 (Canada)

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Tech Exchange and DIY


to submit an article for consideration please post it here. Please refer to the sticky notes on what we are looking for and what you will get.
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Steering & Suspension

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Tires, Brakes & Wheels

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Electronics & Audio

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Electrical, Lighting & HVAC

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Engine & Drivetrain

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Classifieds Section

Items For Sale

Post items for sale in this forum
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Vehicles For Sale

Post an ad to sell your vehicle here.
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Post requests for items you wish to buy.
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Vendor Member Section Interested in becoming a supported vendor? Click here for details.


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Vendor Deals

Information regarding bulk purchases
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  1. If you're looking for somewhere to tell about your entire project plans, this isn't it. Just a little something about what you did today. Whether it's changing up your sound system, changing your oil, or finally finish up a big part of the project that you've been working on, etc., post it up here.
  2. Where can I find one???? I really want one for my 2000 gen. 1!!
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello. I'm a die-hard Mopar guy, so this isn't my first Dodge truck. It is my first Dakota, though. I managed to score a 2003 Sport, regular cab, short bed, 2WD, 4.7, with a manual transmission. It's a pretty rare configuration, so I'm pretty stoked about it. I plan to lower it and make a hot...
  4. hey everyone, my name is rob about a year ago i got a 2003 durango rt and took many 0-60 pulls and i consistently got 7.2-7.8 depending on the day/weather and after i went fbo no cam i got 6.1-6.6 so i decided to purchase a 2018 durango rt and stock got 6.2 0-60 this thing has 395 freaking hp...
  5. Hi all I just got a new sets of winter wheels for my “06 darkota Durango but I’m having issues with fixing it can anyone help please ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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