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: difference between the 99 and the 00

02-04-2009, 05:37 PM

I try to learn as much as I can on the durango and I realised that there is some big differences between the 99 and the 00! The engin change, it pass from the 5.2 to the 4.7 and they change the front suspension to a rack and pinion. Is the direction more stiff with the rack and pinion or it is almost the same? I read that they have problem with the tie-rod end and ball joint, is the new design suspension still have the same problem? Is there other changes?

Thanx a lot!

02-05-2009, 03:04 AM
Hell I thought my fiances 98 and my 02 were the same dam thing besides the interior, maybe I need to look a little harder

02-05-2009, 03:26 AM
your on the right track...there is alot of differences...OFF Road magazine has an editor who has a durango 4x4...and they did a special feature on why you would want to build a ...and did toyota dakota/durango...s-10...several diff models...and he said that there was alot to watch out for thru the years..damn..need to find that mag....i'll go look... http://www.off-roadweb.com/features/0811or_why_build_a_dodge_dakota_or_durango/index.html ... i have a book somewhere too..dammit...cant find crap tonight...
- 360ci V-8 engine available
- 9.25 Chrysler rear axle
- Midsize package
- Had rack-and-pinion in 2000

- Had ball-joint recall that scared people away in 2000
- Rack-and-pinion limited the bolt-on lift kits
- Weak front differential ('97-'99)
- IFS does not yield much travel

Engine: 5.9L V-8, 5.2L V-8 ('97-'99), 4.7L V-8 ('00-'03), 3.9L V-6, 2.5L I-4
Automatic Transmission: 46 RE
Manual Transmission: NV3500
Transfer Case (if 4WD): NP231D or NP242D
Rear Axle: Chrysler 9.25 (V-8 engine) or Chrysler 8.25 (V-6 engine)
Front Centersection (if 4WD): AMC Model 35 ('97-'99), Chrysler 8.0 ('00-'03)

02-09-2009, 05:53 PM
Thanks for all the infos!

Other question, is the 4 speed a better transmission then the 5 speed? Wich one is stronger? Is the 4.7 reving at a lower speed then the 5.2 because it has a fifth gear or the gear is between 2 other gear (for exemple between the first and the second so the towing is better)? Is the fifth speed an evelution of the forth or it is juste an completely other tranny?


02-09-2009, 06:36 PM
Other question, is the 4 speed a better transmission then the 5 speed? Wich one is stronger? Is the 4.7 reving at a lower speed then the 5.2 because it has a fifth gear or the gear is between 2 other gear (for exemple between the first and the second so the towing is better)? Is the fifth speed an evelution of the forth or it is juste an completely other tranny?

The 45RFE (00-02) is a 4-speed, and the 545RFE is a 5-speed (03+). They're both the same exact transmission, and the 5th gear is activated by the programming in the TCM.

The 45RFE behind the 3.7/4.7/5.7 is stronger than the 44RE behind the 5.2.

02-11-2009, 04:16 AM
I have couple quick question because I'm about to trade my 98 infiniti QX4 160000KM with a 01 Durango SLT+ 180 000Km, am I doing a good deal?

How can I check if there is no sludge in the engin? I taught of looking under the oil cap but it is a but far from the oil so I'm scared that if there is some slidge in the engin I won't be able to see it from under the oil cap!

Is the AWD a all time (there is alwaispower to the front wheel andto the back wheel) or a real time (thee is onely power to the rear wheel and when the cumputer se some sliping it send power to the front wheel)?

An is there ay partiular thing for the 01 to check?

Thanx a lot!

02-11-2009, 05:52 AM
the AWD is real time. power to the rear wheels then sends to the front if there is slippage. also has a 4hi and 4lo lock settings on the switch also. Just check that the ball joints are good and there is no popping sounds when turning. Check all the fluids make sure they are clean and at the proper levels. As for the sludge, there really isn't a way to check for that without tearing the engine apart. Just make sure it has adequate oil pressure when driving. It fluctuates with the rpms so don't let that scare ya. oh ya, also check for leaks and the other stuff that you would when looking at any other vehicle. I would put it in 4wd too just to make sure there isn't any sounds.

02-11-2009, 11:07 AM
No it is not. The AWD and FT is a fixed f/r torque split.

02-11-2009, 02:21 PM
The Dakota/Durango Full Time system 97/98-00 is the the Chrysler Select-Trac system which as a fixed ratio using the 242 transfer case. 01+ the system was called AWD as it did not have a 2wd selection.

Selec-Trac also debuted with the compact Jeep Cherokee in 1984, borrowed from the AMC Eagle. It is a more common feature in the upscale version Jeep Wagoneer (XJ), and Dodge Durango models (1998-present). It has a shift-on-the-fly transfer-case like Command-Trac but unlike it, Selec-Trac has option of full-time 4WD (making 2WD somewhat of a novelty). Full-Time 4WD has the ability for the front and rear axels rotate to at different speeds, making driving on dry and wet surfaces possible year-round without shifting back to 2WD again; Yet all other 4x4 modes from Command-Trac are still available.
other Jeep vehicles used Selec-Trac like Jeep Grand Cherokee, before being discontinued on that platform in favor of the electronically-controlled Quadra-Drive II AWD system in 2005. Selec-Trac is currently only available for the Jeep Liberty lineup.
Selec-Trac uses the New Venture Gear NV242 transfer case.
• Jeep Cherokee (XJ) 1984–2001
• Jeep Wagoneer (XJ) 1984–1990
• Jeep Comanche (MJ) 1986–1992
• Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ, WJ) 1993–2004
• Jeep Liberty (KJ) 2002–Present
• Dodge Durango 1998-Present

Selec-Trac is a full-time four-wheel system that provides full-time capability and security. Using Selec-Trac, the driver can place the vehicle in a variety of four-wheel-drive settings, including two-wheel drive (2Hi), part-time four-wheel-drive high range (4 part time), full-time four-wheel-drive high range (4 full time) or lowrange four-wheel drive (4Lo). In 2Hi, the front axle spins freely while power is sent to the rear axle and wheels, which then drives the vehicle. In 4 part time, the center differential mechanically locks the front and
rear driveshafts together, which then rotate at the same speed for maximum traction. In 4 full-time mode, the center differential splits the power, sending 48 percent to the front axle and 52 percent to the rear. The transfer case may be left in this position on any road surface, including dry, paved roads. In the 4Lo range, the engine power is sent through another set of gears that multiply torque 2.72:1. By more than doubling the transfer case gear ratio, the vehicle has greatly improved torque and control in severe conditions.


02-11-2009, 04:37 PM
I stand corrected :bow: I didn't realize that.

02-11-2009, 06:02 PM
Does the 01 durango have a NV244 or a NP242?


02-11-2009, 06:24 PM
I'm not as familiar with the transfer case numbers. 01 was the first year with the electronically shifted case as opposed the floor lever. 01 FT was not available and AWD was the designation. Doing a web search, the 244 appears to be what was in the 01 AWD option.

02-11-2009, 06:29 PM
Also in answer to your original question, the ball joint issues extended across all years. 98-99 had problems but the official recall only covered 00+. There was nothing in particular to the tie rods.

02-13-2009, 09:50 PM
i have a 99 and when i put it in reverse i hear a loud thump. i guess is my ball joints. how much or how difficult is to change those? i heard it had something to do with the original ball joints being "maintenance free" is that correct. i like the vehicle but since i read that i don't feel so cozy about it anymore. thank you for the help in advance.

02-13-2009, 11:10 PM
i have a 99 and when i put it in reverse i hear a loud thump. i guess is my ball joints.

It most likely isn't your ball joints.

02-13-2009, 11:29 PM
could be the yokes on the driveshaft

02-14-2009, 03:40 PM
now i am stump! is the truck going to fall appart while i drive ?? :drive:

02-15-2009, 07:20 AM
Just get your universal joints on your driveshaft changed it's not expensive.

02-15-2009, 11:58 PM
thank you tosterho. i am waiting for A CD with the shop books that i ordered.

05-11-2009, 04:36 AM
First I have to ask, where did you order the shop books CD from??

And also what all would I have to change to the suspension setup, and steering setup to be able to run a 5.5" Tuff Country Lift on a 2002 Durango?? Or is it even possible?? I would imagine that it is even smarter to go with an SAS or just stick with the one lift for the 01+ Durangos... am just curious as to if it is even possible and what all would have to be done??

05-11-2009, 11:17 AM

05-11-2009, 08:29 PM
I know in 98/99 the 318 had the 44RE but I thought the 360 got the 46RE?

Not sure of the difference between the two except for first and second gearing. 2.45 vs 2.74 and 1.45 vs 1.54 in the 46 and 44 respectively.

05-13-2009, 05:48 AM
Yeah that link isn't bringing anything useful up for me... not sure if it is just a bad link or just me...