Stage 1: Basic Vendor

This package is designed for individuals or small businesses who want to help promote their business online, but don't need a lot of bells & whistles.  This package is similar to the standard "Site Supporter" package, but with some additional perks.  Stage 1 Vendors operate only out of their individual users on the site, via posts & private messages.  These users will be able to promote their business via individual posts, signature file, and user profile.

* Private Message limits increased from 70 to 1000
* Supported Vendor icon displayed next to user name

12 months = $25


Stage 2: Advanced Vendor

This package is designed for vendors who want expanded abilities to promote their products on this website.

* Dedicated subforum in the Vendors section of the website's bulletin board
* Vendor's subforum may be configured to automatically notify vendor employee(s) via e-mail when inquiries are made in their vendor forum so daily site monitoring is not required.
* Up to 3 employee users may be configured in the forum area
* Supported Vendor icon displayed next to each employee's user name
* Private Message limits increased from 70 to 2000
* 468x60 pixel banner ad displayed at top of page throughout the website (random rotation - no weights, zones, or limits)
* 350x20 pixel 'mini banner' graphic displayed below Vendor's forum title.

3 months = $40
6 months = $70
12 months = $100 (best value)


How to sign up for a Supported Vendor Account:

STEP 1:  If you do not have a forum user:
CLICK HERE to register with the site forum

STEP 2:  Sign up & Pay for your subscription through the forum:
CLICK HERE to process your subscription through the site's forum.

STEP 3:  Stage II Vendors Only - submit graphics to webmaster for processing:
e-mail your banner graphics:

Have any questions?  E-Mail


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